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How to Repurpose your Candle Vessels

How to Repurpose your Candle Vessels

When we designed our Aroma Island products, repurposing was a huge focal point. We wanted our jars to not only look great, but also be multifunctional post use.

For example, our jars can be used as the cutest storage containers or the lids of our jars can be repurposed as gorgeous coffee table coasters. We are certain there are many more creative ways they can be used and encourage you to send us pictures (with a brief description) of how you have repurposed your Aroma Island purchase.

Before you repurpose your jar, be sure to follow our Wash & Go method to clean your jar properly.

The Wash & Go Method

This is the simplest method and works well for candles made of wax with a low melting point like soy wax. First remove as much of the leftover wax as possible using a sharp knife. Then, just fill the container with soap and hot water from your tap, let it sit for a minute, before scrubbing the inside clean. Voila!