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Aroma Island Ocean Breeze Reed Diffuser

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This signature Escape Collection reed diffuser takes you on a sensorial journey of the Caribbean islands with the refreshing essence of a gentle ocean mist combined with hints of sea salt and citrus.

Product Overview

This reed diffuser was expertly crafted with the highest quality fragrance oils, it releases an exquisite scent slowly and evenly into the air for approximately 60-90 days, delivering continuous fragrance, uninterrupted. 

Notes:  Citrus, Ocean, Spicy, Woody, Musk & Green Leaves
Size: 3.4oz / 100ml
Dimensions: 6" x 3" x 9.5"
Mood: Escape


The fun doesn't stop when the fragrance oil does. The sustainable bamboo holder was designed to be reused over and over again. The fragrance glass vessel can be purchased separately as a refill. Try a new fragrance or stick to your favorite. Check out all reed diffuser refills here

Donation with purchase

5% of the profits of your purchase will go towards various animal foundations in Sint Maarten (in the Caribbean). Learn more about this donation here